Transformation Through Relationship: The Heart and Soul of Therapy

Joint  2016 Conference of PACFA, CCAA, SCAPE and APECA 

The conference theme, Transformation through Relationship: The Heart and Soul of Therapy, will draw together aspects of integrative, spiritual, and educational practice, transforming the relationship between therapist and client, teacher and student. The encounter of being a therapist or an educator is one of connectedness and deepening; a co-created process that is the heart and soul of therapy. The conference will offer a supportive space to share and explore how we, as therapists and educators, offer the relationship as our field of practice - a way to help all involved to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

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Stream 1: The heart and soul of therapy This theme explores integrative practice and the transformational potential of relationship as the heart and soul of therapy

Stream 2: Spirituality This stream focuses on the integration of spirituality in counselling and psychotherapy practice, drawing on Christianity and other spiritual approaches

Stream 3: Teaching and learning This stream addresses the broad themes of transformation and relationship through teaching and learning